Demo Building Emotional and Relational Resilience

This is for those interested in getting an overview of these two programs.

This is a demonstration for coaches, consultants, HR or other internal professionals who are interested in considering Adeptify's programs, Building Emotional Resilience and Building Relational Resilience.

Jonathan Reams is behind the presentation of this course. He has a PhD in Leadership Studies, teaches at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has a consulting business focused on leadership development.

Quest Curriculum

  • 10 Levels
  • Coaching By Jonathan
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Trigger Awareness

    Here you begin the journey of building emotional resilience by learning to notice situations that emotionally trigger you.

  • Level 02

    Identifying Trigger Responses

    The next level helps you recognize what happens when you get triggered so you can more easily notice it happen and have a finer grained set of data to reflect on.

  • Level 03

    Naming the Fear

    On this level you dig under the surface and name the underlying fear or worry that is behind the trigger response.

  • Level 04

    Replacing Fear with Curiosity

    This level completes the Building EMotional Resilience program. You now learn to suspend your fear and become curious about what else might be going on.

  • Level 05

    Behavioral Trigger Awareness

    This starts the Building Relatoinal Resilience program. In this first level, you will learn to focus on relational situations that trigger relational dynamics that are problematic.

  • Level 06

    Identifying Unhelpful Judgments

    In this level you will travel up the ladder of inference and trace the steps in making unhelpful judgments.

  • Level 07

    Identifying Your Behaviors

    This level continues the journey up the ladder of inference to see how your unhelpful judgments lead to specific behaviors you take.

  • Level 08

    Identifying Others’ Perspectives

    Here you will step into the shoes of the otehr and take their perspective on your behaviors.

  • Level 09

    Seeking Others’ Perspectives

    This level sets you up tochange the relational dynamic By actively seeking the perspective of the other you can check the accuracy of your perspectives and compare them with what others tell you. More importanly, it breaks the collusion dynamic and begins to biuld a more resilient relationship.

  • Level 10

    Reframing Judgments into Curiousity

    This final level steps back and enables you to cultivate a shift in the lens you see others through. This will lessen problematic relationships and increase your ability to create resilient ones.

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